The symbol of the profession of mediator

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iulie 9, 2014 prin Autorul

prudenceTrying to find a symbol for the profession of mediator glanced peers lawyers have for thousands of years as a symbol of one of the four cardinal virtues: justice! What are the other three virtues? Under: C8% 9Bi_cardinale would be:

Prudence, fortitude, and temperance! If fortitude, and temperance are still waiting for a profession that I have as a symbol that could be synonymous with Prudence MEDIATION!

What is prudence?

Prudence (Latin caution) has practical reason to discern the mediation oricSimbol circumstance true good and to choose the appropriate means to do it. in
prudence consists in discerning specific, ie the ability to distinguish truth from false and good from evil, virtue-exposing-by this false truths Allegory of virtues and vices under wisdom(often hard to find) deepen what is seen. So it is prudent man hesitantly, cautiously, hesitantly, but the contrary is the one that knows how to decide healthy realism and enthusiasm are not attracted by light. It is not the same virtues and vices under Allegory of wisdomtimiditatea or fear, nor with duplicity or dissimulation. It’s called „Auriga virtutum”: it leads other virtues indicating their rule and measure.

A better definition for mediation nor can there be.Simbol mediation

Therefore proposed symbolic image for mediation may be prudent image that we have these images.

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